Find clarity and inspiration
through writing.

memoiri, a diary app that helps you focus on what matters most:
your memories.

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Journaling made easy

With its clean and minimalist design, Memoiri makes it easy to capture your daily thoughts and experiences, whether you're writing down a quick note or sharing a longer entry.

Simplicity is at the core of Memoiri's design. The app features a single screen where you can write your entries in a linear fashion, without any distractions. Every entry is automatically grouped by day and time, making it easy to navigate through your memories and revisit past moments.


Self-Reflection leads to growth

Take a moment everyday for your self growth. Memoiri is more than just a simple diary app.

It's a personal companion that helps you reflect on your life and track your mood over time. With its built-in mood tracker, you can easily rate your daily mood with the use of emojis, because an emoji says more than a thousand words, and see how it changes over days, weeks, or months.

emotional wellness

Visualize Your Emotional Journey

With the day and month view, you can see how your mood develops over time. Use it to identify patterns and gain insights into your emotional well-being.




Write down your daily thoughts and memories in a simple and hassle-free way


Your entries are grouped by day and time to easily navigate through your memories


Track your daily mood with emojis , and see how it evolves over time


Streaks for getting motivated to keep going on


Enjoy a clean and minimalist design that puts your memories first


Reminder with motivational and aspirational messages to never forget a day

Your Data

Your data is yours. All is stored locally and can be exported anytime to a text file

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