Effortless Journaling Made Simple

The concept behind Memoiri is to let you open the app and immediately create an entry. An entry can be as simple as selecting your mood and saving it, or jotting down a few words about what’s on your mind. Memoiri aims to provide the simplest experience for creating an entry with an attached mood.

What Entry Types are Supported?

Currently, Memoiri supports text and photo entries. We are planning to enhance the entry feature by allowing you to include various types of media within your text, making the experience even more straightforward and versatile.

Exciting Future Features

We want to improve our text input. Here we will add support for different typing. Links will automaticly become hyperlinks the @-Symbol will allow you to connect with your contacts to create a link to people you know. With Dashes (-) you will be able to create "todos" within your text to allow for interstitial journaling expierence.

Soon, you'll be able to enrich your entries with photos, videos, and audio, all seamlessly integrated within your text. This will give you the freedom to express yourself fully! Additionally, we are looking to add pen support, enabling you to combine pen input with your text entries for a more personalized journaling experience.

You will also be able to transcribe your audio recordings to allow you going through your memoiries anytime.