Adding In App Payments what a struggle

I have been trying to implement In App Payments for almost a week now, constantly working few hours here and there just to find another bug that needs to be taken care of. The Problem with implementing In App Payments is, that is in't easily tested.

On the way to add dark mode

Hey there, Memoiri users! I've been getting a lot of feedback lately about the lack of a dark mode feature in the app, so I've taken it upon myself to add this functionality in the next update. As I started working on this, I quickly realized that I had made a critical mistake when initially designing the app. I didn't take text styling and color into account. As a result, I faced some issues when trying to implement dark mode. In this post, I'm going to share my experience with you and explain how I overcame these obstacles.

Something ends, something starts

After a heart-breaking breakup, I reflected on the past and realized that if I had actively reflected on everyday, I would have noticed subtle problems building up. That's why I created memoiri, a diary app that helps you focus on what matters most: your memories.